6:56 p.m.

Dear Good Time Girl,

I am tired of saying this.

I am tired of us saying this to each other.

I am sorry.

I am not used to being so vulnerable. It is uncomfortable to have no say about how I am going to react to something said, seen, a memory.

I don't want to deceive myself anymore. We lived a good life together, a very good life. You loved me and we danced hard enough to make the nieghbors pound on the ceiling, played rough enough to put a man sized hole in the wall, loved mighty enough to break glass.

This will have to be enough.

We were sublime together.

We are down to the last seconds, and I am still fooling myself that you will change you mind. That you will see my worth. You do see it, and you show me, but I know it is not what you want.

I want to see you happy, smiling, excited.

I just want to talk to you like a human being again.

-The Haymaker